March 19, 2019

‘Her breast was tempting’- Nigerian man arrested for harassing teenager

‘Her breast was tempting’- Nigerian man arrested for harassing teenager

A Nigerian man identified as Fasina Adebayo was recently apprehended by the police after he sexually harassed a 14-year-old girl in Surulere, Lagos.

According to the 32-year-old man, he mentioned that the young girl’s breast were appealing to him and he could no longer control his lust.

The man went ahead to lure the girl to the girl into his room.

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The uncontrolled lust and desire would land the man in trouble. He would go ahead to grab the tempting breasts and would attempt to sleep with the young lady in his apartment.

The victim raised alarm and he was forced to leave her. She then told her parents what happened.

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The assault was immediately reported to the police and Fasina was arrested and detained at the police station in the area.

Adebayo mentioned to police that the 14-year-old girl’s breast were delectable and he has been admiring it for a long time. According to the culprit, he said whenever he sets his eyes on her, he is always tempted to engage in sexual acts with her.

The matter was transferred to the Gender Section of the Police Command for further investigation.

The man is not married and lives alone in Surulere area of Lagos state.

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