May 22, 2018

Here’s my new home, Singapore by Tee

Here’s my new home, Singapore by Tee

I have found my new home and it is Singapore.

I wish they could just adopt me but alas, this may not be possible. They say that Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world and I doubted them, but like they say, seeing is believing.

Tee walks barefoot

Singapore is so clean you can walk bare feet on the roads which I did after all my yanga with high heels almost destroyed my legs.

As at 2013 the population of Singapore was 5.399million. Singapore is a multicultural and multiracial country with laws that allow foreigners to invest in the land. Its official language is said to be English because it is the mandatory first language in all the schools in Singapore, even though everything from their signs to directions are written in Mandarin, English and Tamil.

Their population is made up of the Chinese (who are the majority), the Malays and the Indians. Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who just passed away at age 91, realized that they were a people with diverse cultures and customs and had to devise a way to make his country work.

Today, a country that had no natural resources, no industries, a smelly boat Quay has become one of the cleanest countries in the world, with one of the most effective public services such as road transportation, air transportation, health care, fantastic educational systems and a thriving economy.

Being a country that is deeply rooted in its customs and traditions like Africans, the Singaporean government devised a way to please everybody in terms of tribes, customs, traditions and religions.

Everything is so very organized that you have no choice but to comply. Eating in the subways, trains, trains stations, taxis is prohibited and you do not see people eating on the streets.

A clean street

Singapore is said to be one of the most expensive countries in the world, but like every country they have the tourist economy and they have the local economy. If you want a mix of both, you can pick up the train maps and just hop on the train and explore. It’s advisable to buy a day pass or more than a day pass, which is cheaper. A day’s pass costs about $10 while subsequent days are cheaper.

If you have a few days to spend in Singapore, make sure you see these places’ Little India and Little China, because trust me if you are home sick these places would remind you of Balogun market but in a more organized way.

Shopping is a big deal in Singapore; they have all the brand names you can think of both the American brands and the British brands. They may cost an arm and a leg but hey, like I said, you can always find a way to get a bargain, which is why you should visit the malls like Marina bay.

Orchard Street is one of the busiest streets with most of the high street shops dotting it’s length. I love this street and it is a must see. You will find millions of people walking in and out of shops, some window-shopping, and some buying.

singapore 2
This fruit stinks but they love it

For the nightlife make sure you go to Clarke Quay, which boasts a rich and vibrant night life. Now to the last but not the least, FOOD. Singapore has a variety of foods from the Korean to the Singaporean to Thai and trust me, I ate them all. For inexpensive food eat the road side food, which is prepared in a clean environment. With food comes drinks, so don’t leave Singapore without tasting the Singapore sling. One thing you must try when you go to Singapore is ice cream and bread, this is heavenly. It’s weird but I must confess it is one of the best combinations I have tasted in my life.

Is Singapore a good honeymoon location for couples? Yes. Couples and families have a lot to do. Sentosa is one of the best parks in the world. Let’s not forget Universal studios with all its theme park rides.

Singapore used to be a visa free country for Nigeria up until 2009 but not anymore; hopefully with our new government something miraculous could unfold.

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