Heineken Beer – How it all started

Heineken Beer – How it all started

Heineken premium beer is the great beer brand that has made its way around the world. The Dutch lager was first brewed by the Heineken family in 1864 when Adriaan Heineken convinced his mother that there would be fewer problems with alcoholism in Holland if the Dutch could be induced to drink beer instead of gin. Adriaan also felt that because beer brewed in Holland was of such poor quality he saw it as a personal obligation to produce a high quality beer. Adriaan Heineken’s mother bought him an Amsterdam brewery known as De Hooiberg {The Haystack] which had been established almost 300 years before.

In 1882, Heineken was only 22 years old when he took control of the De Hooiberg. He achieved so much success within four years that he built a new lager brewery and closed the original facility. His business continued to grow rapidly.  In 1874, he purchased a Rotterdam brewery to add to his operation. Heineken incorporated his company as Heineken Beer Brewing Company in 1873.

New cooling technique

During this time, he had started using a new cooling technique and gained the ability to brew year round at a high and consistent quality level. Heineken was thus one of the first breweries in the world to eliminate the brewers’ traditional dependence on seasonal ice.   Heineken began to export 12 years after the De Hooiberg purchase, with regular shipments to France. Read more

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