March 20, 2019

House on the Rock roots for Peter Obi

House on the Rock roots for Peter Obi

The Senior Pastor and Founder of House on the Rock, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, has advised his church members to make Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, their friend, saying that he, himself is Peter’s friend.

Adefarasin gave the advice during the just-concluded Communion Service at the Rock Cathedral, Lagos.

On the reasons that informed his position, Adefarasin said that having followed Obi over the years, he saw in him the embodiment of those virtues House on the Rock continues to preach which those in public service require to uplift the society in accordance to the ethics of Christ.

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The pastor charged all those aspiring to leadership to be humble in full realisation that serving the people well and faithfully is also a way of serving God.

A member of the church who introduced himself as Gbenga Oloye also said that he had followed Peter Obi and was in total agreement with what the Pastor said.

In his words, “For people like me, the pastor was only preaching to the converted.”

He said he was sure that if Obi would remain the Obi of Anambra State in terms of the work he did in the state as Governor and his conduct in public service that Nigeria would become a changed place.

Speaking at the event, Obi called on Nigerians to remain prayerful for the country and her leaders so that the leaders would realise that using the resources of the state to work for the state is a win-win for everybody.

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  1. YORUB

    Yoruba Christians should stand and be counted among progressive Nigerians. They are about to be conquered by the Fulanis, using some Yoruba Muslims. If Yoruba Christians refuse to defend themselves now by voting out buhari, they may live to regret it. Vote Atiku to save yourselves, your children and your children’s children. Don’t allow yourself and your generations to be made slaves in your own land by the fulanis working through Yoruba muslims such as Tinubu, oba of Lagos etc. Let me open your eyes a little. Look at most of the obas and kings in Yoruba land they are muslims. this was the result of the first coming of the Fulanis through uthman dan fodio. Look at the six Yoruba states all of them are being ruled by a muslims or by an agent of the fulanis. Lagos has made the use of hijab in schools compulsory. Osun did same, now it is university of Ibadan they are about to conquer. If Yoruba allow their land to be conquered, they will regret it. They are about to destroy the legacies of meritocracy Chief Awolowo built. Look at Lagos muslims thugs sponsored by tinubu rule. Nothing good can come from Islam except terrorism, violence, backwardness, poverty and everything bad. All Yoruba pastors, clergymen, christian leaders and well meaning Yoruba must educate their members to resist this violent takeover of Yoruba by antichrists.


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