How Buhari May Lose The 2019 Election

How Buhari May Lose The 2019 Election

An intelligence firm in the United States, Teneo Intelligence, after some analysis has said that the incumbent president may not retain his position after the 2019 general elections. The firm said this is possible if the opposition unites against him and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The New York-based analysis firm used the governorship election in Osun state to buttress its points, saying that the close governorship election in Osun bodes badly for the APC as it signals its waning popularity.

In a note to clients, Teneo Intelligence said, “There is already a clear message sent from Osun state: provided the PDP remains united, and the vote is reasonably free and fair, Buhari and his APC are likely to lose the general elections.”

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The firm went on to point out that winning the southwest in which Osun state is part of is very important for Buhari and the ruling APC. It was key to the president’s victory in 2015.

In another report, the federal government made rubbish of the idea, purportedly by global banking giant, HSBC, that the incumbent president’s second term would stunt the economy. The government said it was the unbridled looting of state resources by leaders that have stifled Nigeria’s economy, and detests using bogus claims to unbalance his administration.

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