How Family Values Can Bring About Progress In The Country

How Family Values Can Bring About Progress In The Country

The routine activities and interactions that the members of a family have together whether at home or abroad can be loosely defined as family life.

This is seen to be good family life when each and every member of the family gets to enjoy the other’s company and relish spending a lot of time doing things they love together. Such families share familial values and principles that pertain to family structure, function, roles of family members, beliefs, attitudes and ideals. With these interlinked ties, there is a synergetic flow of love and understanding that binds each member of the family to the other. When this agreeable synergy is lacking, then there is a threat to delightful companionship in family life and this negatively affects the country as a whole.

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Psychologists group family life into these major types. Nuclear families, extended families, and single-parent families. Some add other types to bring the number to seven.

These inclusions include the step family, the grandparent family, reconstituted families and childless families. The nuclear family is considered the most basic type of family. It is the type mostly portrayed by the media and some religious beliefs as the ideal to which all should strive and most the certain to bring about total harmony. It is the typical definition given for a family which is said to consist of two parents and children. In the extended family structure there are at least two and more adults who are related by blood or marriage and are living under the same roof. As the name suggests, single-parent families pertain to having only one parent raising one or more children.

Studies continue to show that the family constitutes the single most important influence in any child’s life. From the beginning of life, we all depend on parents and family for protection, provision of our needs and for love and nurturing. It is in families that we see a person’s initial and foremost relationships. Having traditional family values is important to the solidity of familial foundations. These values constitute the bedrock that holds families together. The roles which are the responsibility of each member, the attitudes that are allowed and or disallowed, the life principles that the family upholds, the beliefs of social, religious and personal interactions and the ideals that support them are all combined in the constitution of a family’s traditional values. It is therefore apparent how crucially important this is to how a family can cohere and stay together and the good that this can have for the country if things remain positive at the family level.

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It is obvious that values such as honesty and trustworthiness, courage and self-confidence, determination and resilience, creativity and industriousness, patience and responsibility are all nurtured and fostered within the family system. When these take root from the ambit of the family, it cannot be easily eroded by whatever the children raised in such families face in their futures. They will overcome and make steady progress. It will therefore be of immense benefit to the local community in particular and the country in general to focus on keeping families together and encourage the nurturing of solid family values as positive foundations in the country.


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