How often do YOU go to the toilet? (Dailymail)

How often do YOU go to the toilet? (Dailymail)

Your toilet habits can reveal a lot about your health.

And although it can be a little embarrassing to bring them up, it’s important to be aware of your bowel and bladder habits and what optimal functioning looks like.

So, to help people gain a greater understanding of their bodies, Australian GP, Dr Evelyn Lewin, recently revealed how often people should be heading to the bathroom each day and some red flags to be aware of.

To start, the doctor explained what ‘normal’ bladder habits look like for adults.

‘Most need to start their day needing to empty their bladder… and then after somewhere between four and ten times a day,’ she told Body+ Soul.

On average, she said people will need to go to pass urine around six to seven times every 24 hours – but this can vary. Read more

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