How Olive Oil Can Benefit Your Man

How Olive Oil Can Benefit Your Man

Olive oil might be the magical touch you have been looking to gift your man. It is even better when inside the body, especially when it’s extra virgin olive oil, than when it is smeared on the body.

In some way, Olive oil can be responsible for how healthy and confident your man feels. I bet at the end of this article, you will recommend him to gulp at least one heaping tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil twice daily, straight from the bottle.

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That said, below are benefits of olive oil to your man:

Olive oil is known to increase men’s sperm count.

The oil contains vitamin E, which increases the efficiency of the sperms when making love. Men suffering from problems to do with sperm count are advised to use these oils.

Olive oil increases the production of the hormone testosterone.

The hormone makes a man’s libido better. Men who use olive are more likely to perform better whenever they are in the bedroom.

Olive oil makes men more attractive.

Don’t you want your man looking extra fine? One thing for sure, Women love men with a masculine appearance. Increased physical strength in men can dictate how a man performs in the bedroom.

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Olive oil improves mood and fights depression

Unfortunately, we live in a society that does not allow men to show emotions as they will be perceived to be week. This mentality has resulted to men suppressing their feelings and eventually when worse comes to worst, sink into depression. A recent study of 12,000 Spanish students linked extra virgin olive oil consumption with a nearly 50% reduction in depression. Another study, conducted also in Spain from 2009, showed a 30% reduction in depression for the experimental group subjected to a Mediterranean diet high in olive oil.

Don’t you want your man to be the smartest in the room? Well, antioxidants in extra virgin olive oil can both inhibit and sometimes totally reverse age and disease-related learning and memory deficits. Olive oil boosts blood circulation throughout the body. What are you looking forward to in Life?


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