How sleeping in on weekends help you lose weight

How sleeping in on weekends help you lose weight

We know BMI (body mass index) isn’t the be-all-end-all of health indicators, but a new study has revealed that sleeping in on the weekend may keep your body weight down, which is an interesting thing to note if you like to get a little extra shut eye on your days off. The study, conducted by researchers in South Korea, found sleepers who engage in catch-up shut-eye over the weekend have, on average, a lower BMI than those who don’t hit snooze on Saturday and Sunday.

According to the study’s lead author, Dr. Chang-Ho Yun, short-changing yourself on sleep can lead to sleep debt, increasing your risk of weight-related medical conditions, such as hypertension, coronary disease, and obesity. Sleeping in is not lazy, it’s health-conscious! Science says so!

What’s more, sleeping in is better than napping, so the night before, be sure to tuck in for the long haul. Fancy PJs and super soft velour socks? Check and check! Read more 

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