March 20, 2019

How to avoid Lagos traffic – Ella Temisan

How to avoid Lagos traffic – Ella Temisan

I swear I wasn’t going to talk about Lagos traffic anymore but these past weeks have been so horrible!


So I have to break my vow and talk about the devilish traffic we have been experiencing in the past few weeks in this ‘Mega City’.


Who knew that the traffic in Lagos could get this bad? When you think you’ve been through the worst, then boom, you are in traffic by 1:30 am.




We know Lagos is a ‘Mega City’ in name only but is it only Lagos that has a huge population? Why is the transportation issue so hard to fix by various governments?


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Let us not even focus on transportation since we are still using the 20th-century system of private danfos and okadas.


Lagosians have decided to buy cars.


There are so many cars in Lagos (almost everybody has one), and for most families, it is an average of two cars.


But are the cars the problem?


No! It is the roads! Every time, we hear of how Lagos is working because of our taxes, yet the roads are so horrible.


Let’s look at Awolowo Way in Ikoyi for instance; when they removed the top layer of the road with the intention to fix it, one would have expected that it would be done overnight, or as soon as possible because of how busy the road is.

But that has not been the case as the road has not only been un-motorable but is now a source of worry for commuters.


It’s just been there. A quick 5-10 minutes’ drive has now turned into a nightmare; that is the story for most parts of Lagos.


The roads are so bad. Huge potholes are appearing on the roads but the Lagos State Government is focused on photo ops and campaigning for 2019 or whatever else they do at the Government House while Lagosians are spending productive hours in horrible traffic every day.

The other day, there was a fire truck stuck in traffic with us and even with all the siren blaring and other cars trying to make way for it, the truck couldn’t go further.

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Let’s all assume it was going to put out a fire: will the building not burn down because a fire truck was stuck in traffic?


Ambulances that are supposed to take sick people or accident victims to hospitals get stuck in Lagos traffic and according to DJ Cuppy, you can record an entire album while stuck in traffic!


Abeg, me, I am tired.


To leave your house, you must check Google maps to know how to navigate the traffic. And even that is not guaranteed anymore because this is Lagos and anything can happen in between the time you checked the map and when you get on the road.


It’s the harmattan/dry season and roads are being abandoned left, right and center, but during the rainy season, you will see workmen on the road.

Doing what exactly? Causing more traffic, simple!


Oh, you are still waiting for the tip on how to avoid Lagos traffic?


Stay in your house, dear. Just stay at home.

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