March 21, 2019

How to Create the Perfect Living Room

How to Create the Perfect Living Room

The living room is often the first place your guests interact with in your house.

Being the place your family spends the most time together, it is best that this room is more than just four corners and furniture.

The perfect living room is meant to be warm, inviting and communicate a little more about your personality.

Here are a few tips to guide you create a perfect living room for yourself.

Furniture: Find furniture that is sensible and practical. Balance is key to ensure that your house does not look empty or overcrowded. When selecting furniture, make use of your corners and the height of your room than the floor space.

Theme colour: Choose from whatever scheme that suits your style. However, it is best to go for simple neutral tones in your wall and the couch colour.

With this, accessorizing becomes easy as it allows one the freedom to choose trinkets and pillows of different colours and textures.

Paintings and pictures: These are some of the things that give the house meaning and a personal touch. Before anything else, choose a focal point to have them hung in the room.

Not too high and not too low and definitely not all over the room. Choose frame dimensions that are proportional for best results.

Light it up: Invest in light fixtures to light your room brightly during the night and have mirrors placed opposite the windows to allow light to bounce back in the room.

Light often makes a small room appear bigger and gives life to the bigger rooms and generally make a place seem vibrant.

Quality items: Even when you are starting out do not go for the cheapest priced items for the sake of having that off your list. Cheap things will start falling apart as soon as you start using them which brings by unnecessary expenses.

Plants: Incorporate plants in your space as this makes a room seem more welcoming and habitable. There are flower pots to fit all themes without them looking misplaced. Good thing you can have fake potted plants.

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