How to Enjoy Sex as a Woman

How to Enjoy Sex as a Woman

Enjoying sex as a woman is no small feat, because of the uniqueness of the female anatomy. Experiencing the big ‘O’ as a woman is almost an urban myth, to aspire for but not quite achieve.

Reaching orgasm as a woman is not the sole responsibility of your partner, you must participate in the sexual act to get pleasure.

To enjoy sex as a woman, here are the simple things you must know to maximise your pleasure in the other room.

Initiate Sex With Your Partner: Many women worry about ladylike behavior. They fear seeming too aggressive, or being viewed negatively for seeming to like sex a little too much. But according to Les Parrot, professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University and author of a new book called Crazy Good Sex, failing to initiate sex is one of the biggest mistakes women make.

Know your body: you can only teach your man how to please you if you know your body. Knowing your body and what gives you pleasure can be achieved through masturbation. The topic of masturbation is taboo, but its benefits are far-reaching because you know how your body works. As a woman, you know if you prefer your clitoris squeezed or stroked. Masturbating also ensures you find out not just your erogenous zones but your Gspot. You also know your sexual rhythm and how long it takes to go over the edge. Knowing your body and touching yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. Getting familiar with your anatomy ensures your partner is familiar with it too.

Empty your mind: not a lot of people know that our brains are the biggest sex organs, if you are not focused on the sexual act, you are unlikely to reach orgasm. Loading your mind with mundane thoughts that have nothing to do with the sexual act leaves you distracted. There is an old wives’ tale that says wearing thick stockings on your feet during sex, keeps your brain focused and less distracted.

Communicate: women do not communicate with their partners about what gives them pleasure. The fear of hurting his ego or displeasing him will have them silent about what gives them pleasure. If you are bold enough to be naked in front of a man, be bold enough to communicate during sex.

Don’t Fake it: faking an orgasm is doing your body a great disservice. No need to lie about reaching the stars when you have barely climbed a tree. Faking orgasm fosters distrust in a relationship in the long run.

Sex is not a beauty pageant: most women try to look perfect and beautiful during sex, newsflash! sex is sweaty and nasty. The nastier the sex, the greater the pleasure. Letting yourself go during sex guarantees an enjoyable experience. Grunt if you want to, don’t be ashamed if you quiff or squirt, it is natural and all part of the process. There is no such thing as holy sex.



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