How To Know If You Are a Demisexual

How To Know If You Are a Demisexual


Demisexuals are people who could be on the brink of asexuality but aren’t totally asexual. If you find it difficult to feel sexually attracted to someone, you’re a sure shot demisexual. Especially someone you’re not friends with first.

Here are signs you may identify as one.

  1. You are not into physical touch

If extended hugs or even making it out turns you off, you may be demisexual. You would rather sit down and have a conversation than get frisky.

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  1. You enjoy sex but certain conditions must be met first

Unlike asexuals who are disgusted by sex, demisexuals actually enjoy it if their specific conditions are met. Rather than feeling aroused when naked, they feel uncomfortable and exposed when forced to get physical with someone they don’t have an emotional bond with.


  1. They don’t check people out

Judging people from their physical appearance on whether they are hot or not does not come naturally to them. For instance, when asked to rate how hot someone is, they are clueless because it.

  1. Emotional bonds

Satisfaction comes from emotional intimacy with another person and sharing personal experiences. What gets them going is trust, communication, openness and emotional connection.

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  1. Sexually self-sufficient

Because sex isn’t the most important to them, it does not mean they don’t enjoy it. Most of their moments of sexual gratification come from masturbation. When it comes to physical pleasure, they don’t see the need of another person.

  1. Don’t see the need to flirt

Cracking jokes or going on goofy tangents about nothing doesn’t apply to them. They simply don’t speak that language, even when someone is trying to flirt with them, they never get it.

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