How to manage family drama at weddings, from people who’ve been there (Huffpost)

How to manage family drama at weddings, from people who’ve been there (Huffpost)

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed at weddings, it’s that not everything will go smoothly, especially where family are involved.

This is perhaps why no one with a complex family situation will be that surprised by the commotion surrounding Meghan Markle and her estranged father, Thomas. After previously agreeing to walk his daughter down the aisle, Thomas faced a backlash for reportedly staging paparazzi photos for money and now it’s been reported that he will not be attending the big day on Saturday.

The situation may be extreme, exacerbated by Meghan’s position in the spotlight, but managing delicate family relationships is a standard part of many 21st century weddings, whether your parents are divorced, your bridesmaid once dated the best man or your sister is just being a diva about her hair.

The good news though, is that family drama doesn’t have to overshadow the day and the love between the couple tying the knot. With the right know-how, you can help prevent pre-wedding tensions turning into a full-blown meltdown. Read more

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