May 24, 2018

How to organize a birthday party under $50 (11,000 naira) or less – Tee

How to organize a birthday party under $50 (11,000 naira) or less – Tee

Budgeting is one big thing a mother learns after the euphoria of the new baby has dissipated; how to bargain and get a good deal, how to get your kids all that they need and want but on a budget.

One of my budget calls is celebrating birthdays for my kids. For Bolaji, it is the opposite and that’s fine by me. I know birthday parrys especially in Nigeria cost a lot of money because you not only cater for the kids but you also cater for the adults as well, but there are still ways of keeping the cost low, Drum roll…. Secret revealed:

Everything should be home made; it’s a lot cheaper especially if you already have all the ingredients in the house. Meat pies are very good for birthdays and they are affordable. To prepare: just have flour, green pepper, tomatoes and minced meat, voila you have your meat pie. Because of the electricity situation I always advise that one buys a gas oven.


  1. Sandwiches one of my favorite things. I love it and I make it all the time. In fact I have indoctrinated my daughter into joining the club and she loves it. Children are easy to please: so just have eggs, butter and sardine or mayonnaise for a different taste.
  2. Have good friends: one can never underestimate the power of good friends. One of the things that helped my transition a lot easier was the Nigerian community, where I met some of the most fantastic people in my life. So with good friends, comes good Naija food anywhere in the world: fried rice, puff puff, chicken, etc. with your friends donating things for the party it makes a huge difference.
  3. Stick to drinks mostly for the kids and a few soft drinks for the adults but that is about it.
  4. Get a splash pool, if you don’t have one find someone that has, or find a game that involves water, like water guns, something that would get kids into the water. Trust me that is the only entertainment you really need in this life. Like I said kids are easy to please, with water you don’t need a clown, bouncing castles, MC’s, even music sometimes. (If you are going to have splash pools or water plays please don’t forget to inform the parents that their kids should come with their swimming suits. It saves you the hassle of having kids cry when they can’t get into the water. My daughter didn’t mind though, when I forgot her swimming suit she jumped into the pool with her clothes. LOL).
  5. Stick to your child’s age group. It must be strictly by invitation. This is the only way you can get away with sticking to your budget. I know it’s a lot more difficult to do when you have a large family and everyone wants an excuse to come and eat and relax during the weekends but sticking to the invite list is key because it helps you.
  6. No parry packs: once kids are more than 1 year old stop giving out parry packs. I know it’s a bit selfish but it’s good for your pocket. Just make sure the kids are happy and the parry is a blast. If kids don’t have fun then you know that you’ve got a problem.

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Above all make sure you child has a lovely time on his/her day. Make them feel special and indulge them a bit, lol I’ts not everyday that they have this opportunity abi?



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  1. Lily

    Lovely! I wish I knew this before my son’s first birthday. Would have saved me a lot of money, time and effort. It ended up being all about the adults and the party packs. My son cried all through, and slept lol.


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