How to Prepare Banga Soup

How to Prepare Banga Soup

Banga soup (Ofe Akwu) has over the years topped the list of Nigerian stew recipes due to its uniqueness and blend of natural ingredients.


Banga Soup (Ofe Akwu) is popular in the eastern part and of Nigeria.

Here is a list of ingredients used in making Banga soup (Stew). Most of the these ingredients can be purchased in any Nigerian market.


Banga (Palm fruit)

Meat of choice


Vegetable (Preferably Scent leave also known as Nchawi in Igbo, Efirin in Yoruba)


Scent Leave

Dried Fish


Ogiri Okpei, Iru in Yoruba

How To Prepare Banga Soup

Cook palm fruit for 30 to 50 minutes  then pound with a mortar and pestle. Pour warm water in a bowl, add the pounded palm fruit into the bowl squeeze out the think juice. Pour out the thick juice into a bowl and set aside.

Wash your meat with hot water and parboil after 20 minutes add the dried fish and crayfish to the cooking pot for about 10 minutes add your spices stir and add the scent leave, sliced onion, pepper and salt to taste.

Cover and cook for five minutes and you just made a delicious Nigerian Banga Stew.

Serve with Rice, Fufu or Yam.

Enjoy your meal.

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