How to Prepare Ofe Nsala

How to Prepare Ofe Nsala

OFE NSALA also known as White Soup is one of the most delicious of all Nigerian soups. It is very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Ingredients for White Soup

Yam (six to eight slice)

Uziza seed

Uziza leaves

Dried Fish


Meat of choice

Utazi leaves (Optional)


Knorr cubes

Salt and Pepper



Start by peeling the yam, this should be pounded with a mortar and pestle. The Yam serve as thickener. Grind the crayfish, uziza seeds, wash and slice the uziza leaves. Wash your snail with alum to remove slimy fluid. Wash you dried fish and set aside. Parboil your meat with all the necessary ingredients for twenty to forty minutes… until it is soft enough add the dried fish into the pot add about 3 cups of water. The amount of water of water depends on your thickener.

Add the crayfish, uziza seed, pepper, knorr and salt.

Add the yam paste do not allow it to be too thick. Add the uziza and utazi leaves. The utazi should be used sparingly for the white soup; the reason is just to add a faint bitter taste.

Allow it cook for a few minutes . Your delicious Ofe nsala is ready. You can serve with Pounded yam, fufu or eba.





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