How to spend Christmas alone in Lagos – Lucia

How to spend Christmas alone in Lagos – Lucia

It’s the holiday season all over the world and we all know the best way to spend this season is with family, but what happens when you realize you won’t be spending the holidays with your family? Sit down and brood? Here are some ways to spice up your holidays in Lagos without missing your family so much:

1.       All that stuff you’ve been putting off because of work, ta-da here is your free time.

2.       There are too many interesting things to do in Lagos during the holidays, from stage plays, music concerts, movies etc pick one that interests you (check traffic situation sha, before leaving your house so you don’t spend your day moaning in traffic).

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3.       If you love your bed, it’s a great time to catch up with reading and movies/tv shows. If like me you haven’t seen one episode of Game of Thrones or Scandal, or seen a single Star Wars movie (side eyeing all the people judging me in their mind), this is your time (Note: Get fuel, NEPA is not your friend).

4.       Load your phone with airtime, call your family and friends, laugh, spend time composing SMS and emails for them.

5.       Volunteer: Christmas is a time of giving, there are many charity organizations hosting the less privileged this season. Join one of them, assisting people who are less fortunate and making them smile will fill your heart.

6.       This Christmas/New year holiday is a colourful season, go out with your camera and take random shots of random people (thank me later).

7.       Host your friends. You’d be surprised at how many people are stuck in Lagos and couldn’t be with family for one reason or another. Cook Jollof rice (it has to be jollof rice), buy drinks, invite your friends over, you’ll be amazed at how great company can turn your day around. And you don’t have to bear the entire expenses. Have them bring something along. Yes, tell them, it’s not rude (oyibo people already know this).

Have other tips on spending the holidays alone? Please share with us.

Happy Holidays everyone.


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