Nigeria’s Human Rights Activists In History

Nigeria’s Human Rights Activists In History

Nigeria has been blessed with men and women, that have over the years kept sterling records in the pursuit of social justice, equity and fair play in their quest to ensure the entrenchment of an egalitarian society in which the fundamental rights of all and sundry especially the downtrodden are protected. In the pursuit of these noble ideals, some of these activists have been made to go through harrowing experiences in the hands of government officials including incarceration, dehumanisation and other heart rending travails. ANDREW ESSIEN in this piece, highlights some of them and their various contributions towards ensuring equal rights for all.   


Aminu Kano was born into the family of an Islamic scholar, Mallam Yusuf of the scholarly Gyanawa Fulani clan. His father also doubles as a mufti at the Alkali court in Kano. Aminu Kano obtained his middle school education at Katsina College and later went to the University of London Institute of Education, alongside Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. He earned his teaching certificate after completing his studies at Katsina College and subsequently became a teacher; he started teaching at the Bauchi training College. Read more


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