March 20, 2019

Nothing concern police for husband and wife matter

Nothing concern police for husband and wife matter

My wife is a very stubborn woman; she will be policing me all over Lagos as if I am the only man that is married in Nigeria and this time around she vexed me very well and so I wanted to teach her a lesson, so I just beat her small and now it is police case.
Last week, maybe around about 8pm, I went out to visit my friend and I told my wife the person house I was going. But you know women; she started complaining that it is too late to go out that street gate will close by 10pm.
Then I asked her, am I a small that I have to start running home because of street gate?
When I come back, the mallams at the gate will open for me, they know me very well.

But that explanation was not enough for her, she now said she will not open our gate for me if I come back late.

I just say to myself, that one is woman talk and so I left the house. I am the husband; it is me that you want to start using torchlight to find?
I think around 2am, I got back and was calling my wife’s phone but she did not answer. I know she heard the phone ringing but like I told you before, this is a very stubborn woman and in fact, her matter has tired me.

I have been telling her that this stubbornness will bring trouble. So she didn’t come but one of the neighbours here came to open the gate for me. Then when I banged on our door, she now opened and lied that she just heard the phone ringing.
Me, I was not born yesterday. I knew she was lying and out of anger, I just slapped her. Finish o. she just grabbed my trouser and started punching me in my manhood.
Haba! That is my engine room!
So, I was very angry and I just started beating her more than I even planned. See, I have bite marks all over my body. She was just biting me like a dog. I beat her and when we were struggling, maybe a bottle fell and broke. She told everybody that I broke it on her head. That I used the bottle to chook her eye and the eye fall away.
I did not do that, it happened in the process of both of us struggling together.
This is a woman I sent to the university with my own money. She had no hope of going to university when I met her. I gathered money and sent her to school. I paid with my sweat throughout the five years she went to uni. She was even supposed to spend four years but she is not very intelligent, so she had carry over and wasted one more year to do the exam. All this time, I was the one sponsoring her and our two children in school. We have a boy and a girl, 6 and 8 years old.
So this is how she will reward me? Her people went to call police for me!
Me, who was the one who took her mother to the hospital and paid the bills when she almost died of stroke. Even her sisters that are making mouth now, it was me who helped them get their jobs through my friend’s connection, now I am the bad person, the evil one they want to send to prison because of their sister that has no home training.
They brought police and when the police saw her, they arrested me and took me to the cell. Both of us had to write statement at the police station but they took her to the hospital to bandage her eye.
They made me sleep in the cell for two days. All my life, I have never done anything that will arrant police to say, “Hey you, you will sleep in cell today” Never!
But this woman has brought all this trouble on my head. I no longer want the marriage again
Let everybody answer his father’s name. I am done with the marriage. How can I still be in marriage with someone that it is because of her that I am still going to mark register at police station?
Police say they are investigating the matter. What matter does police have with husband and wife matter? This one is not even police business, this is fight between husband and wife and husband and wife can decide they don’t want to do court case again.
I rest my case.

– Edited by Peju Akande

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