I am like a jar of broken hearts – Toni Kan

I am like a jar of broken hearts – Toni Kan

(For World Poetry Day)

I am like a jar of bŕoken hearts

I hold tears and sighs and shards

My life is a dead end, a cul-de-sac
A crescent of loneliness, an avenue of misery

I drink my meals, a cocktail of regret and near misses
This is a chronicle of pain, a litany of abjection.

And there will be no let, no parole
No time out for good behavior


Life is Abacha, dark goggled and unsmiling
Life will not be kind, it will not spare the rod

But we love still because love is all that matters
That which gives it weight, which makes it count

They sày tears are salty but they are wrong
Tears are bitter, billous and galling

Tears are the vinegar of the soul
Green like envy, bitter like spleen

And after all this is done, I shall remain
No more than a jar, full  of bŕoken hearts

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