I wanted a husband, instead the herbalist raped me

I wanted a husband, instead the herbalist raped me

I met Fatai Ifalode in 2014 about 2 years ago through my aunty. He was my aunt’s driver and because my aunt trusted him, so much so that he ran bank errands for her, I just kind of also trusted him.

Of course because I am close to my aunt, I got to see a lot of Fatai. There was nothing between us apart from the fact that he was my aunt’s driver, I was always polite to him and there was nothing personal between us.

Now, I am almost 35years old and all of my younger ones both male and female are already married. Of course I was quite worried that time was going and while I’m happy for my younger siblings when they have babies, I too would like to have a family of my own.


So one day, Fatai told my aunt that the reason I was not married is because I have a spiritual husband who was preventing me from marrying in the physical. He said he discovered this when he was ‘consulting’ for my aunt. He consults for her because my aunt deals in buying and selling from foreign countries and she relies on him for spiritual guidance on which days of the week to market her goods, which days will sell more.

Sometimes too, if somebody comes to buy something from aunty, Fatai will ‘consult’ to know if the person’s star will bring more market and things like that.

Ok, let me explain more, Fatai also has some spiritual powers, in my presence on more than one occasion, he has said some things about some people that he has never met and later those things came to be true. My aunt believes very much in him.

After that thing he said about my spiritual husband, I began to be afraid, maybe truly, I will never get married if a spiritual husband is blocking my chances.

But Fatai told me not to be afraid that there is a solution, I was to go and bathe by the river three times and after that throw the sponge and soap away into the river. He said he would prepare a special soap and bring the sponge as well. I believed him, so one weekend, he, my aunt and I drove somewhere in Ogun state and I went into the river, had my bath there and did exactly as he said. I threw the black soap and native sponge into the river, believing all my problems about not meeting the right guy had come to an end.

It was the beginning of serious trouble for me. After that bath, I wasn’t myself anymore. I was not sleeping well and even my job began to suffer. I was always feeling things running all over my body. When I complained to Fatai, he said it was my spirit husband fighting back. Then he began to ask me for money to do one sacrifice or another to ward off the spirit husband.

At the beginning, it was small amounts like N20,000. Then later as my dreams became frightening, he was asking for N200k, N300k and I gave him cheques because the nightmares I faced were almost making me lose my mind.

Then he would visit my house and I won’t even remember when he left. I would later discover I had sperm in my private part, as if someone had had sex with me. This happened many times and because I didn’t even know, I wasn’t myself, I just took it like a dream. Maybe it’s the spirit husband doing this to me.

Then one day, I didn’t drink the bottle of dark thing he brought for me. I just threw it away. That was the day I began to get well. One of my colleagues came to my house and took me to the clinic where I narrated everything to the doctor. I was given some drugs and I slept well for the first time in almost 8months. I think I slept for almost three days. They would wake me up, I would eat and sleep again.

When I became well, I went straight to the police to report Fatai. He’s a fraud, he also raped me as I later found out and to make matters worse, I discovered I had given him over 2million; N2,354,000m to be precise. Thank God for cheques and statements of account. He has to refund my money as for the rape, I know people will blame me for it, but what he did was wrong, he hypnotized me and stole from me and raped me several times.

Edited by Peju Akande


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