August 20, 2018

I will knock Joshua out in round 1 ―wilder (Tribune)

I will knock Joshua out in round 1 ―wilder  (Tribune)

Deontay Wilder has again spoken out honestly about his chances against Anthony Joshua, claiming with confidence he will knock out the heavyweight champion and warning fans it could be in the first round.

The two titans are widely expected to meet each other in the ring sooner or later and Wilder is taking it upon himself to challenge Joshua into making the event happen, though has warned his opponent it must be financially even.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ hasn’t minced his words in recent weeks, repeatedly insisting he will be the first man to knock out Joshua.

Wilder however will not be getting into the ring for anything less than a 50 per cent cut of the pot.

The 32-year-old admitted he is probably not Joshua’s main choice of opponent right now but, if the chance arises, he will make light work of the Watford-born boxer.

“I don’t think they are trying to make a negotiation at this point,” Wilder told ESPN.

“I think they are trying to seek Parker. They got him on his agenda.

[He is] their top priority which is fine. If they don’t want to fight at this time, that it is ok.

“We’re not [going to] chase [anybody]. I’m not chasing Joshua. If Joshua [doesn’t] want to fight, then that’s fine. If they want to have one fight apiece, and fight me next, that is fine,’ Wilder added.The WBC belt holder maintains however, if he does manage to meet Joshua that a surprise knock-out of the British icon will be a formality.

“I knock Joshua out and don’t be surprised if it is in the first round.

But I definitely knock Joshua out,” said Wilder.

“It is a great fight, it is one of the biggest fights in the world and everyone wants it. It will be 50-50 or else we don’t see a fight,” he added.

Joshua and his camp are yet to announce who they will return to the ring to fight, though the hitman has been hard in training of late and kept his millions of online followers in the loop with his progress. Read more

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