March 18, 2019

‘I Will Pick Money Over Sex’- Nollywood Actress

‘I Will Pick Money Over Sex’- Nollywood Actress

Fast rising Nigerian actress, Bukola Oluwakiitan mentioned during an interview that she would select money over sex any day, anytime.

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She opened up about her personal life and recent development in her movie career, she has appeared in 30-35 Nigerian movies especially the Yoruba perspective of the industry. A beautiful and dynamic actress who is purpose driven, prior to commencing her career she graduated from Osun state polytechnic and travelled to South Africa where she studied Business Management.

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Bukola mentioned during the interview that she would always prefer money ahead of sex because money would take you farther and get things done for you easily. See her comment:

All of the above are important but money comes first, no lies because without money to maintain love it can become sour, everyone likes good things.

S*x is also important but when there’s  no money the body won’t  even be moved to do anything. When there’s no money you can’t be horny for sex because you are thinking of different things.

She is hardworking and dedicated, in a couple of years, she would inevitably become one of the most popular actresses in the industry. Reasons are best known to her about why she preferred money ahead of sex, she also mentioned that she is not in a relationship because she is trying to build her career rather than focusing her energy on a man.

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