May 24, 2018

If you live in Lagos, you must learn how to pray – Lucia Edafioka

If you live in Lagos, you must learn how to pray – Lucia Edafioka

If you live in Lagos, you must learn how to pray.

Stepping out of the house feels like, God I am going out again, see me through. Anything can happen, from trailers falling on people, to Lagbuses crushing people standing on sidewalks or being robbed by uniformed people or plain ol’ agberos. Anything could just happen to you as you step out of your house so you keep your eyes open, sixth sense on alert and shine your eye.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are driving or walking. If you are driving, there’s no time to sit and relax, because you don’t know how many mad people are on the road with you. You don’t know the tanker driver that will allow devil use him, you don’t know the impatient person that will dash across the road without checking, plus you must look out for thieves in uniform. See? No time to relax.

If you are walking/jumping bus your own is worse. Standing by side walk to cross the road you have to look well, in case some crazy bus drivers decide to use the side walk as road. Crossing one way roads, you still have to look left and right, because Dis is Lagos! Using pedestrian bridges you need to be sure it’s safe (a friend was robbed on one in mid afternoon), you have to look out for pick-pockets at bus stops; there’s no time to relax.

Then there are those who harass you. On my way to work early this week, someone grabbed my arm and when I turned I met a strange face. What? Sister please help me with some money. Is it by force? Leave me please. You will be walking with a bulletin with your head tie covering your head on your way to mass; someone will still grab you to ask if you are travelling to Awka. Of course bros, I travel to Awka every Sunday for Mass.

The other day, I was going to Freedom Park and I came down from keke right in front of where taxi drivers sit and shout out their destinations, just at the corner before the gate. Now, if I wanted to enter taxi will I not go and meet them? Nah, they had to grab me first. My sister got angry, why you touch am? Then they do their usual thing, go away, una no even fine, worwor girls… Sigh.

To walk about in this Lagos you need constant vigilance, over yourself and your property.

Finally finally, you need to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus before you go out because dem no dey know finish.


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  1. Enyi Peter

    ur ability to blend ur brilliant write ups wit humour trips me much & keeps me reading to the end.#Miss Soyinka thumbs up.#May ur ink never cease to flow.


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