March 21, 2019

IK Ogbonna’s Baby Mama Drags Him On Social Media for Celebrating Their Daughter

IK Ogbonna’s Baby Mama Drags Him On Social Media for Celebrating Their Daughter

Nigerian actor, IK Ogbonna’s baby mama has dragged him on social media for celebrating his daughter’s birthday. The birthday post caused a social media uproar between himself and his baby mama.

Sonia Columbus, who was IK Ogbonna’s former partner is apparently not on good terms with the actor. She reprimanded the actor for wishing their 7-years-old daughter Makayla Ogbonna.

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Prior to the rant against the actor, IK Ogbonna composed a beautiful birthday message for his daughter on his Instagram page. He wrote:

“Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Makayla Ogbonna
you will always be my first love story … this is our year and we will def have the best of times . I wish you all the best and May you continue to grow in strenght , wisdom and May ur truth be our story . I love you #MakaylaOgbonna ❤️❤️ #2019ourstorywouldbeautiful

Peace and love
Happy birthday my daughter
Grow in love , peace , strength and wisdom . #MakaylaOgbonna❤️❤️

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Before he tied the knot with his wife and mother of his son, Ace, the popular Nollywood actor, had a daughter with his ex-lover, Sonia Columbus, seven years ago.

The mother of the 7-years-old damsel stormed his comment section. She criticized the actor for his promiscuous and referred to him as a ‘gigolo.’ Read her comment below:

IK Ogbonna then replied:


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