February 19, 2018

I’m depending on friends for food, shelter –Nigerian studying abroad (Punch)

I’m depending on friends for food, shelter –Nigerian studying abroad (Punch)

Samuel Ogbonna, 24, is among 150 Nigerians studying in the United Kingdom on scholarships, who may be forced to return home before Christmas because their funding has been stopped by their sponsors.

A British newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph, first brought the plight of these students to the knowledge of the public in a publication that recently caused a stir in the education sector in Nigeria.

Ogbonna, in an online interview with our correspondent, painted a disturbing picture of the condition in which he and his fellow compatriots have found themselves in the UK.

Saddled with debts of up to £20,000 each, most of them, especially those who completed their courses last academic session, have been informed by their respective universities that they will not receive their degree certification. Read more

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