March 22, 2019

‘I’m scared of my children’s future in Nigeria’ –Kemi Afolabi

‘I’m scared of my children’s future in Nigeria’ –Kemi Afolabi

Popular Nollywood actress, Kemi Afolabi has revealed her fear and worrisome state about the well being of her children in Nigeria. She exuded her frustrations on a recent post on Instagram.

Taking to social media, the actress wrote about the infuriating infrastructure in the country and the nonchalant attitude of the politicians. The onerous conditions in the country made her conclude that her children cannot reside in Nigeria.

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She is livid at the irregularities that often occurs in the country. She wrote:

The government is aware of the sorry state of these buildings before now, but nothing much is done to avert the imminent danger until it happened, claiming so many lives and causing families the agony of loosing loved ones to untimely death😭

Then, the sheer hypocrisy on their part to come with all the agencies of emergency responses.(medicine after death)
Soon, we would all go to sleep and forget these numerous tragedy in no time🙆‍♀️

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The actress concluded:

I understand many houses on the island, initially marked for demolition are now wearing new looks in the name of renovation after the owners bribed the officers in charge #smh

What is being done by the government to arrest the situation permanently to avoid a reoccurrence of these menace???”

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