January 24, 2018

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Impunity rides again – Wole Soyinka (Punch)

Impunity rides again – Wole Soyinka (Punch)

It is happening all over again. History is repeating itself and, alas, within such an agonizingly short span of time. How often must we warn against the enervating lure of appeasement in face of aggression and will to dominate! I do not hesitate to draw attention to Volume III of my INTERVENTION Series,and to the chapter on The Unappeasable Price of Appeasement. There is little to add, but it does appear that even the tragically fulfilled warnings of the past leave no impression on leadership, not even when identical signs of impending cardiac arrest loom over the nation. Boko Haram was still at that stage of putative probes when cries of alarm emerged.Then the fashion ideologues of society deployed their distancing turns of phrase to rationalize what were so obviously discernible as an agenda of ruthless fundamentalism and internal domination. Read more

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