In Abuja, Bankole charms collectors (Punch)

In Abuja, Bankole charms collectors (Punch)

The Conference Centre, Abuja, was recently enlivened with impressive artworks when acclaimed fine artist, Bankole Bako, staged an exhibition there. The project with the theme, ‘Silhouette of Words,’ convinced many enthusiasts that the self-taught artist is not a captive of norms. According to a statement, he is not bound by the climate of fear for lack of patronage and survival. The statement adds, “With his art, he does not see such fear as an issue; from the outset, making almost two decades, he has been working more on experimental art, not minding the saleability of the works and the lack of private or institutional funding. He has been very consistent with his conceptual epiphany or eruption. Bankole’s art and aesthetic initiatives, from the generalistic point of view, are neither acclaimed nor particularly noticed in the realm of painting in Nigeria. Read more

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