March 20, 2019

In defence of Korede Bello by Olubunmi Adesuwa Ajiboye

In defence of Korede Bello by Olubunmi Adesuwa Ajiboye

“But she who doubts is condemned if she eats because she does not eat from faith for WHATEVER IS NOT OF FAITH IS SIN” Romans 14:23

I do not boast that I clearly divide between right and wrong all the time.

I don’t even know for a certain whether it was right or wrong for Korede Bello – who has been tagged a secular artiste – to perform his Godwin – tagged a secular song- in the midst of a gathering of believers in a building we call church forgetting the believers are the church and not the building.

korede Bello of Mavins

First of all these tags ‘secular’ and ‘gospel’ have quickly become clichés we spout meaninglessly. What is ‘gospel’ music? Who is a gospel ‘artiste’? What is ‘secular’ music? Are believers limited to only a certain kind of music? If yes, who said so and why? If no, enunciate. But I’m digressing into a subject for another day.

So Korede Bello one of Mavin Records’ new artistes is invited -on Easter Sunday – into a gathering of believers where he performs his hit single Godwin and all hell is let loose. The ‘righteous’ indignants, as I call them, are screaming blue murder everywhere on social media. Many of them I suppose are believing Christians on a mission to preserve the sanctity of the church from irreverent incursions. I suppose what really irks them is the fact that this artiste whom they consider a by-product and exponent of the new naija music wave-ungodly and worldly-with all the ‘unholiness’ (‘unwholesomeness’ would have been another matter) it represents would dare enter the church – where our Holy God meets with his holy children – with his soiled music, much less perform at the altar.

“Away with him,” they seem to cry as the Jews to Jesus on crucifixion day.

My grouse with the righteous indignants is this exclusivism, this righteous indignation where they put out everyone else because of what they see to be clear-cut; SIN or SINNER. Korede sings secular music, he is signed to a secular label which produces secular music; he parties and mingles with secular artistes so he must not be saved, he must not be a believer therefore he must not be allowed to associate with anything Christian.

I flinch just having to mention these labels. Yet ask these same righteous indignants to define for you from the scriptures what God considers sin under the new covenant and all the dynamics of sin as opined by the Lord and they cannot. It’s all clueless in there, all muddled up because we have closed our eyes to truth and to that which gives truth and decided to make our own laws about what is right and wrong, excusing this and allowing that.

I remind the ‘righteous’ indignants that the only righteousness which counts with God is that which we have received through Christ and which we never lose unless we decide we longer want it. (Romans 5:18). Every other form of righteousness or holiness is counterfeit.

I remind the righteous indignants of the aforementioned because underlying their outrage, I perceive, is a sense of self-righteous thinking from which Korede Bello is seen as a blight on their pure space hence the church is not for people like him. All those on twitter who wonder how the righteous indignants can dance to Godwin in their personal space, play it in their cars, dance to it on their festive occasions, use it as their ringtones but cannot bear to hear it being performed in church have a point.

Also, those who wonder if our believing brethren feel any blight on their purity when they consume products not necessarily manufactured by believing Christians have spoken well by pointing us to potential blind spots easy to miss when we walk in the darkness of religious hypocrisy instead of the truth of the Word of God that sets us free.

And yes I’m a believer saved by Grace and still living by and in Grace.

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