In this Lagos life has part 2

In this Lagos life has part 2

In this Lagos, some people have spare lives tucked away.

This is what filtered into my head on my way home one evening.

The way they do reckless things; this  jumping out of  or into moving buses for one. The constant haste, not using pedestrian bridges, crossing the road with vehicles coming at high speed. No, it’s not weaving through the cars in traffic but blatant running across while a car is coming on high speed, are you Clark Kent?

The most shocking sight for this Warri girl is the hanging out of trains, sitting on top, walking on top moving trains.  One mistake…

As I waited for a train to pass at Oshodi, I watched a guy walking on top of a moving train.  He must have done it before; it was definitely not a first time thing.  The way he was jumping from coach to coach. My mind wrote headlines, Man falls off train in Lagos, Young man walking on top  train falls to his death, Another youth killed in Lagos railway. But the guy continued his stroll without a care in the world.

The others were hanging on, gisting, I wondered what about, probably their trip to heaven.   The train dropped speed, not too slow, but enough for those waiting to jump on, clinching spots to hang on, those already hanging made space for them, grabbed their hands and hauled them aboard. They were laughing, actually laughing.

I shook my head. In this Lagos, life has part 2, these guys have horcruxes at home.

*tried taking some shots, till one agbero came and seized my phone*

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