Independence children: Our burdens, joys as Nigeria’s birthday mates (Punch)

Independence children: Our burdens, joys as Nigeria’s birthday mates (Punch)

It’s a big responsibility to be born on the same day that Nigeria gained independence from the colonial masters. It’s a pleasant coincidence but at the same time, food for thought. At 57, I feel worried because discipline, hard work, and honesty of purpose, which were the hallmarks of those days, are gone. While growing up, there was no get-rich-quick syndrome and fraudulent manipulations that are rife now.

It pains me that we now have a perverted society. If there is something we need to take back from the past in order to move forward, it is the disciplined life; a life that is dedicated more to the fear of God. I was delighted to hear that the minister of health in Uganda disguised to visit a hospital in Uganda to find out the state of the hospital and discovered the rot therein. How many ministers in Nigeria can do that? When they have to visit such places, they go with the unnecessary paraphernalia attached to their offices. Read more

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