Inside new Oshodi (Vanguard)

Inside new Oshodi (Vanguard)

Oshodi was not a place anybody would be proud of. Chaotic in terms of human and vehicular population, it was also everything that was wrong with metropolitan Lagos. To explain the chaos, studies show that Oshodi is the busiest transport interchange in West Africa with over 5,600 buses spread over 13 different motor parks loading daily. It has over 200,000 passengers boarding per day, about one million pedestrians and 76 per cent of the area is dedicated to transport and related activities. Although two dual carriageways take you through Oshodi, it could take two hours to drive through a distance of less than five kilometres. Reason: Army of hawkers selling their wares and beggars soliciting for alms battled for right of way with vehicles. Oftentimes the hawkers and beggars would take more occupy two of the three lanes of the expressway, leaving vehicles to crawl in the remaining lane and leaving traffic to stretch several kilometres. It was in the time of molues. The molues drivers would park in the middle of the road to load. Read more

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