Introducing Klan: West Africa’s Local Social Network

Introducing Klan: West Africa’s Local Social Network

Paragon Media Limited has launched Klan, West Africa’s location-based social network that helps people discover and hook up with people in their local communities – campus, city, estate, market, town, or any location where they are.

With the Klan App users join up with people in their local community and share latest news, discover, ask questions, help others, and engage regularly with others who are within their neighbourhood at the same time. People can also chat anonymously.

All users of the app can and should contribute to the stream of information, news, by writing or responding, and voting on posts, to like or dislike, which is a way of indicating the most important and relevant news for any community.

Founded by Charles Odibo and Segun Bright, Klan app determines a user’s location and anyone who has downloaded the Klan app within a location say campus, or estate, can post or read other people’s post within their vicinity.

Klan provides for a 150-word limit micro-blogging, including posting of photos.

Effectively a digital bulletin board, Klan App, according to Paragon Media CEO, Charles Odibo, allows and enables small communities – campuses, estates, neighbourhoods, markets, etc to provide commentaries on events and announce developments in these communities, in real time.

Whenever a user opens the Klan App, he or she will see the most recent comments, news and views from people in their immediate neighbourhood. With Klan, you will get to know all the events going on around your campus posted by different students.

One of the distinctive features of Klan is that content is not filtered by topic, or you have to follow particular persons. Location is the only way messages are sorted. So, if someone in Lekki Phase 1, lagos posts a message, only the persons within lekki Phase 1 axis that have downloaded the app will see the post. Similarly, if a student in ABU, Zaria posts a message from her classroom or hostel, only the people in the campus or within the campus vicinity who have the Klan app will see the message. This positions Klan as the digital bulletin board for real time information in every local community in West Africa.

This is a major difference between Klan and other social networks. On Facebook, you share things with “friends”; on Twitter, with “followers”, but on Klan, the most important posts, as sorted out by the app, is visible to anyone nearby.

You can choose to be Anonymous. Especially on campuses, with the anonymity feature, students feel free and secure, saying it as it is.

Users can also vote on comments or posts, up or down, and to also flag unacceptable and rude posts, which eventually can lead to being delisted from Klan.

Klan is useful as an information digital bulletin board in all communities. If there is something going on around your neighbourhood; traffic jam; civil disturbances; robbery incident; etc there is a good chance that someone in your neighbourhood is commenting about it, and you get to know about it real time.

You can only post and comment in your geographic area, but it’s also possible to see what people are saying in other places. A student in UNILAG can just search UNN and he/she will start browsing what’s going down in UNN.

To join the conversation in your local community just install the Klan app. It’s that simple and novel.

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