IPOB brought falsehood into Biafran struggle, says Uwazurike (Punch)

IPOB brought falsehood into Biafran struggle, says Uwazurike (Punch)

MASSOB has been agitating for a sovereign state of Biafra for a long time. Do you still believe that you can realise it?

Why not? MASSOB is even more realisable now, especially with the way things are going. Remember when we were in Aburi, and Ojukwu was talking about Biafra, nobody believed it. The things he said in those days, which people jettisoned and criticised him for, are the same things that people are clamouring for today. So also is my agitation for Biafra. In 1999 when I started the struggle, people criticised me, called me names. But today, the same people, who criticised and called me names, are repeating all the things I said. Just take a look at what is happening; the people who fought against Biafra are now regretting fighting against us. Read more

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