Iran launches two missiles

Iran launches two missiles

Iran has launched two new ballistic missiles, state media say, continuing a military exercise that has drawn a threat of a US diplomatic response. The Revolutionary Guards launched the missiles from northern Iran against targets in the south-east, reports say.

On Tuesday, the country said it had launched several ballistic missiles as part of the same exercise. In January, the US imposed sanctions targeting Iran’s missile programme in response to a previous round of tests. UN experts said those tests had violated a Security Council resolution.

Resolution 1929, which barred Iran from undertaking any work on ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, was terminated after a nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers was implemented two months ago. A new resolution, 2231, then came into force that “calls upon” Iran not to undertake such activity. Iran says it does not have nuclear weapons and will continue missile development. The two Qadr H and Qadr F missiles hit targets 1,400km (870 miles) away, state media reported. Read more

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