March 26, 2019

Is Oshiomhole’s call for Saraki’s resignation justified? (Punch)

Is Oshiomhole’s call for Saraki’s resignation justified? (Punch)

What is supreme is the constitution?

The question we should ask is; where exactly in the constitution does it state that for you to lead the National Assembly particularly the Senate, you must come from the ruling or the majority party?

Although it is has been the convention, it is left for senators or members of the House of Representatives to determine who their leaders should be.

That explains why the moment you become a senator or member of the House of Representatives, the issue of party takes the back seat and you become a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

If tomorrow, senators decide to vote for a member of the Labour Party or APGA as Senate President, so be it. It is their decision; this decision is not cast in stone or on marble.

I want to believe that Oshiomhole needs to be careful not to overheat the polity with his comments on this matter. It is more of incitement, you cannot call senators out to perpetuate illegality.

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