Is Ryan Giggs’ marriage headed for divorce?

Is Ryan Giggs’ marriage headed for divorce?

The former Manchester united winger Ryan Giggs has split from his wife Stacey. Giggs was accused of apparently flirting with a waitress in his Manchester restaurant and is now claiming that he’ll be getting a divorce.

The former winger has a history of having affairs so it’s no shock that his wife has had enough. The couple were married in September 2007, four years after they had their first child. However, three years after their second child was born, Giggs began a six-month affair with Welsh model Imogen Thomas. In May 2011 it was revealed that Giggs had also been having an eight-year-long affair with Natasha Lever, who was married to his younger brother Rhodri.

In 2011, Ryan Giggs spent an estimated £150,000 on legal fees to prevent his cheating ways from becoming public knowledge. He sought a super injunction which prevented the media from naming him as the footballer at the centre of a love-triangle. However, within hours, thousands of Twitter users tweeted Giggs’ name and eventually his name was read out in Parliament by the then Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming. Read more


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