May 20, 2018

Is the APC on a journey of no return? by Niran Adedokun

Is the APC on a journey of no return? by Niran Adedokun

A much cherished friend of mine did not think that this piece was a good idea. Having seen some of the pieces I have done in the past few months, my friend thought people may begin to see me as an “APC hater” . While I agreed with the last part of his argument suggestion, I do not think that the fact that anyone may wrongly characterize me is enough to make me reconsider. The truth is that like the APC or not, the fate of our beloved country is tied to the party for the next four years and those who love Nigeria cannot stop meaningful interventions.


In my opinion, the APC is currently packing it’s baggage in readiness for what seems to be a journey of no return. Partisans will employ all sorts of euphemisms to tone down the import of the current imbroglio in the party but common sense tells me that unless reason quickly prevails, the APC, in its current shape and form, will soon become history with every member returning to the comfort of their old tents.

One of the way those who remain unequivocal in their love for the APC explain this away is that it’s all a teething problem which would soon pass. But sorry, it is not. A teething problem is a definite challenge that must be encountered in the process of evolution of a person or thing but what we are currently seeing with the APC is nothing near unavoidable.

It was a manifest problem which should have been dealt with by every interest traveling on the APC boat. The teething problems of a political party should have nothing to do with the egocentric and selfish instincts of those who came to it for no other reason than the attainment of personal aspirations which their erstwhile platforms did not support. Some could not win elections because they lacked the required spread, some didn’t have the needed finances to win elections, some wanted positions of influence that their old party did not offer them and some just felt left out of the affairs of their parties.

To attain their varied desires, they needed the ouster of the government in power and quickly agreed to come together to work for the defeat of their common enemy and take over of power. Almost none of it was about the people of Nigeria. But a lot of our compatriots still allow themselves the illusion that it was about us. I hope they snap out of the misconception soon so as to enhance the collective will of the people to take their county back. As I always say, politics is first about the interest of those who ply it. This point reminds me of a popular quote that has recently trended on the internet and attributed to one of the founding fathers of  America, Franklin Benjamin to the effect that: “democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

Nigerians must work to put our politicians on their toes every time. Since the elections of leaders of the national assembly in defiance of the interests of the party leadership, things have gone from bad to worse in the party. From threats of sanctions and what have you, we have seen further defiance in the Senate on the affair of the selection of principal officers, the near resort to fisticuffs at the inconclusive meeting of the party caucuses last week and the exchange of blows on the floor of the House of Representatives. Simply put, APC sinks deeper into trouble by the day.

What is peculiar to politics, especially in this clime, is that the ability to forget and forgive is not an endowment with which politicians are blessed. When people in the party have their egos bruised by other party members, those who spearhead this cannot go to bed with both eyes closed. In essence the victory of Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon Yakubu Dogara as Senate President and Speaker House of Representatives respectively has caused a schism in the APC and the parties who lost out will not rest until they make a successful hit back at those who messed them up.

If the party continues to toe the traditional political idea of ‘this hen has splattered me with water, I must break its egg’, the party would soon become one that we will refer to only in history. If the APC must survive therefore, all factions in the party must immediately come together, rein in bruised egos and pride and equitably share the booty regarding what to have for the lunch they won in March.

But anyway it goes, the people must stay alert and insist that this party deliver it elections promises to us.



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