ISIS kills 70 Syrian soldiers in Palmyra

ISIS kills 70 Syrian soldiers in Palmyra

Militants of the ISIS on Monday killed 70 members of the naval commando forces from the Syrian army in the western suburbs of historic Palmyra, in Syria’s central Homs province, media sources reported.  The group’s news agency of Amaq released a report saying: “ISIS fighters were able to kill 70 marine commandos in a car bomb attack in the Duwwa area west of Palmyra.”

“The operation also led to the death of the Division’s commander, Rahmoun Askar,” Amaq reported. The rights activist Amr Hussein said that Syrian army bid farewell to dozens of naval commando forces in Palmyra on Monday subsequent to the ISIS-led attack.

“A state of alert hit the ranks of the Syrian forces after the attack, which came as a shock to the army,” the source reported. Read more

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