July 20, 2018

It is poverty that led me to Baby Factory

It is poverty that led me to Baby Factory

My name is Chinelo and I am 17 years old. I come from Awka, my village is…I don’t want to mention my village because I don’t want some people to be able to trace me. My father and mother are still alive but they are old, they are in the village. 

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It happened that sometime last year, when I finished my SS1 exams; my father said he couldn’t pay my school fees any more. I think the amount was about N5,000 or so. He said he didn’t have money to continue to send me to school. Me sef, I’m not even very good with school so I said I will go to Enugu to meet my uncle and learn trade with him.

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I was in the house one day when my friend came to me and said, “Nne, do you want to make serious money?’

I said, ‘Yes, na’, who wants to remain in this house where there is no food,  because the pension my father collects from the ministry does not even feed us for one week not to talk of one month and upon all, the money is not even regular.

Though we have a farm, but the yams are not growing well and me, I am tired of farm work. I want to go to town to learn trade not farm work.

Anyway, no do, no do, my friend; Njideka introduced me to one Mike. Mike is a towns boy. He used to wear jean and t-shirt all the time and he told me and Njide that we can make cool money if we cooperate.

I said, ‘So long as it is not stealing, I will cooperate.’

Then he said he will introduce us to doctor. That was when I asked, who is doctor? Why do we need to see a doctor?

He said I shouldn’t worry that if doctor tests me and I am ok, then I can make cool cash of N300,000.00.

Ha! I’ve never even seen N50, 000.00 in my life not to come and say N300,000.00! So I said, ok, na here I dey.

The following day or so, we went to the doctor. I don’t think he is a real doctor because he didn’t look like one. But he just asked me when I saw my last menses, whether my menses comes regularly, he checked my teeth and told me I was ok.

That was all; same thing with Njide. So we were told to come for interview at one address and he told us that we should tell our people at home that we will return after three days. That we should tell them we were going for job interview.

At the place of the interview, it was not an interview. It was like a hostel where there are about 9 or 11 of us girls, I can’t remember, now. There were beds and mattresses. One woman came and spoke to us. She told us we would be pregnated but our babies will be taken away and they will pay us for it.

I did not even think about the baby, I was just thinking about the money. What I will do with the money when I get it. my father and mother are very poor, I will help them with it and start my own trade.s

How did we get pregnant?

Some boys will come and do all of us one by one; they can be more than 10 or 15 so sometimes, some of us can have two or three boys for the night or sometimes one. So for the three nights, they do me like say 8 times, I’m not sure. I was not counting again.

Then on the following day, they told us to go back home, all of us. But they gave us N15,000, each. They said we should use it to take care of ourselves, until our pregnancy gets to three months. I was very happy because, I’ve never had plenty of money like that. The money will feed me and my parents for some time.

When I got home, I didn’t notice any change but I think three weeks later, I knew I was pregnant because I was just vomiting. I was happy because at least, I will get the N300,000.00 to help my family.

I just told my parents I was going to stay with my aunty in town, by this time, my aunty already knows my plans, she supported me and told me she would cooperate so long as I will give her her cut.

That’s why I am here today. But how will I get the money now this one that police has come to lock up the place and throw everybody out?

What will happen to me now? I don’t even know whose baby I’m carrying.



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