May 20, 2018

JJC and Funke Akindele, Naija’s JayZ and Beyonce?

JJC and Funke Akindele, Naija’s JayZ and Beyonce?

News that the latest ‘it’ couple, JJC (Abdul Rasheed Bello) and Funke Akindele aka Jenifa are teaming up to start a record label -Scene One records – has us paying attention here at


Well, these two coming together as husband and wife made the news for several reasons; dude has 3 baby mamas and Funke has been on this road before but their coupling was kept so hush hush until wedding bells rang that many felt this wasn’t going to be an in-your-face celebrity pairing.

Then news of a house-warming broke over the New Year and the shindig turned out to be a roll-call of who is who in Naija celebrity stratosphere and a veritable coming-out party for the two-some.

What will a JJC/Funke Akindele celebrity power couple look like? Well, Funke is already box office queen. Take AY out of the picture and Jenifa holds the title as the biggest comedy draw in Nollywood.

JJC is no push-over. Long noted to have discovered Dbanj (many say Dbanj and Don Jazzy used to sleep in his living room) JJC with his wife’s celebrity might and cash could become the next Don Jazzy.

Imagine what it would mean to control movies and music. Tidal and Lemonade. Jay Z and Beyonce. Geddit?

We are watching and wishing them all the best as they kick off Scene One Records which just signed on Mo’Eazy, Ruby and Pearl .(members of Gemstones), MartinsFeelz and Sonorous

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