Joy in Jerusalem overshadowed by death in Gaza (Washingtonpost)

Joy in Jerusalem overshadowed by death in Gaza (Washingtonpost)

On Monday afternoon, a U.S. delegation that included President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and other White House officials celebrated the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “glorious day” that had “made history.” Trump himself appeared via video link and asked God to bless the embassy.

“May there be peace,” he said.

There was not.

At the same time, along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip, a humanitarian nightmare was unfolding. Tens of thousands of Palestinians were protesting not only the opening of the embassy but also the desperate decline in living standards in Gaza. Near Gaza City, protesters were urged by organizers to breach the fence to enter Israel. Israeli soldiers responded with not just tear gas and rubber-coated bullets but also live ammunition. Read more

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