Junk foods cause diet-related diseases – GLOPAN

Junk foods cause diet-related diseases – GLOPAN

When you next visit the supermarket, tread carefully, because your food choices could be cutting years off your life. Whether it’s too much junk food or a lack of nutritious food, malnutrition caused by bad eating habits is on the rise, a new report shows.

Globally, poor diets pose a greater risk to our health than alcohol, tobacco, drugs and unsafe sex combined, according to the report by the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition(Glopan).

The report draws upon data from 250 data sources and peer-reviewed articles, and lists recommendations for policymakers. In Africa, the increasingly urban population is eating more processed food, the report shows, leaving the continent with a dangerous mix of both underweight and overweight people causing diet-related diseases. Read more

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