June 18, 2018

Kashamu fuelling crisis in South-West PDP — Dokpesi (Punch)

Kashamu fuelling crisis in South-West PDP — Dokpesi (Punch)

Do you think that the crisis which almost consumed the Peoples Democratic Party was avoidable?

The crisis that the PDP unfortunately went through for about 14 months was avoidable if all of us had carefully read the (Ike) Ekweremadu report that reviewed some of our failures at the 2015 general elections. This has to do with the overbearing influence of certain groups and power blocks within the party. The report also talked about creating a level-playing ground for all the contestants and stressed the need to discourage imposition.  We should have respected the rules and the constitution of the party. It was unfortunate that a group of persons, especially led by Ali Modu Sheriff, who in any case, was a new comer to the PDP then and was not conversant with the constitution of the party and its rules, took over the party. But thank God, the Supreme Court took over the case from the very beginning to the end and reaffirmed the supremacy of the national convention of the party, over not only on the PDP, but on all political parties. It is reference judgment for every political party. Read more

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