October 21, 2018

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My kids work to earn pocket money — Babaeko (Punch)

My kids work to earn pocket money — Babaeko (Punch)

Can you recall your most memorable experience as a father?

It was the day my first child, Louis, was born. He was born in Germany. It was an incredible day for me. I was there in the labour ward with my wife. My wife is a fiercely independent person. When labour started, she was able to take charge. Despite being a first-time mother, she was able to comport herself. I still recall her waking me up and telling me that she was about to put to bed. We tried to leave the house quietly and head straight to the hospital but my mother-in-law woke up. She drove us to the hospital and wanted to come in with us, but we told her to stay back. When the nurse checked my wife, they said she was experiencing the first signs of labour. I stayed in the labour room for close to 13 hours before our baby finally came out. Read more

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