July 20, 2018

La Casera shuts down Mile 2 plant

La Casera shuts down Mile 2 plant

The La Casera Company has said it shut down operations at its Mile 2 site on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway because it could no longer guaranty the safety of workers after its premises was invaded Weekend, by over 200 demonstrators led by representatives of the National Union of Food, Beverages and Tobacco of Employees (NUFBTE).

In a statement Monday, by Tola Bademosi, spokesman of the company, said the invasion on its production facility led to disruption of activities, alleging that production line workers were compelled to stop work and asked to sign consent forms by the unionists.

“Over 200 shouting demonstrators, some bussed in from out of state, broke into the factory which employs over 780 people at its site near Mile 2.

” Caught unawares with no prior notice, security guards were unable to hold back the unruly group who broke into the complex, entering offices and production areas. Production line workers were compelled to stop work and assemble in the factory yard where they were forced to sign membership consent forms to join the union on the spot. Some of those who refused to sign were brutalized.  Read more

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