March 20, 2019

Lady Quits Job After Her Salary Was Controversially Delayed by Boss

Lady Quits Job After Her Salary Was Controversially Delayed by Boss

A Nigerian lady quit her job via the internet after her salary was delayed. According to the lady, her boss who is a pastor in a popular Nigerian church recently acquired a Porsche and refused to pay the salary of the staff at when due.

The lady nagged on Twitter a day earlier, on December 24 and updated her followers that she got paid on Tuesday, December 25 which was Christmas day.

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The lady whose handle is known as @Daralohi shared on her Twitter account that she is in a distressed state and it is primarily because her salary hasn’t been paid. Her boss failed to pay them at the appointed time.

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See her tweet below.

The lady subsequently revealed that she has been paid and she further announced that she had turned in her resignation.

We know she would get a better job afterwards. This lady trended on the internet yesterday, December 25 and it revealed diverse opinions from similar experience. Read some of the tweets from her followers on social media.

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