March 24, 2019

Lagos calls for caution as outbreak of fire increases

Lagos calls for caution as outbreak of fire increases

The Lagos State Government has called for caution from all Lagosians in handling all forms of fire, particularly during this Harmattan period in order to prevent unintended fire outbreaks that can easily spread and destroy lives and properties.

The Director, Lagos Fire Service, Mr. Rasak Fadipe, who made the call while visiting scene of recent fire on Tuesday, decried the increase in fire outbreak in the state which has become a crucial concern to the government, adding that there is an urgent need for all residents to be more careful especially during this time of the year.

He explained that, “Every season comes with its own challenges and it is therefore the collective responsibility of everyone of us to adapt to changes in the weather condition and promote safety measures during this Harmattan season in order to curb the tide of fire occurrence and incidents.”

He disclosed that the Agency has responded to 257 fire emergency calls December 1 – 30, 2015, stressing that 15 persons were rescued alive from fire scenes in different parts of Lagos and six bodies were recovered, while 14 calls were discovered to be hoax.

The Fire Chief noted that most of the fire incidents happened in private homes, public buildings, warehouses, markets, sawmills and fuel tankers as a result of ignorance or sheer disregard for basic safety precautions.

He highlighted improper storage of PMS products, indiscriminate burning of refuse, refusal to put out all electrical appliances to avoid power surge, using candles on wood surface, unsafe disposal of cigarette butts, careless exposure to naked light and improper use of fireworks and most importantly human carelessness as major causes of fire outbreaks in the state.

While advising Lagosians to call the toll free numbers 767 and 112 for assistance in emergency situation, Fadipe warned hoax callers to desist from such practice as their calls are likely to prevent access to distress call or delay the response time of firefighters to genuine fire scenes, explaining that timely and effective response is major to saving lives and property from disaster while a minute delay can cause major disaster or colossal loss.

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